Suspended Ceiling Repairs

  • Suspended ceiling repairs are very cost effective when on a tight budget. False ceilings and drop ceilings are terms also used to describe this ceiling type. To put it simply it’s a ceiling that hangs off a substrate such as trusses, purlins or concrete slabs. Generally, suspension rods hold the ceiling up. Steel framing can take its place. We prefer the ridged method where possible as it is solid. Adjustment allows for more precise leveling of the ceiling and a more professional finished product.

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Over time Suspended ceilings become tired, either due to accessing the void above which can bend the supports, trim or  grid bars. Water and things like rodent urine can also damage the Ceiling tiles and will occasionally need to be replaced, this is a cost effective way of revitalising a drity /damaged looking ceiling. 

Suspended Ceiling Repairs

Cornwall Building & Maintenance can repair and transform your old tired ceiling in a very short period of time and make it look like a good as new ceiling for a fraction of the cost of a new install.

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Suspended ceiling repairs