Suspended Ceiling Services

Suspended ceilings are incredibly versatile. False ceilings and drop ceilings are terms also used to describe this ceiling type. To put it simply it’s a ceiling that hangs off a substrate such as trusses, purlins or concrete slabs. Generally, suspension rods hold the ceiling up. Steel framing can take its place. We prefer the ridged method where possible as it is solid. Adjustment allows for more precise leveling of the ceiling and a more professional finished product.

Suspended Ceilings

There are so many variations available in these ceilings. Firstly, we build Exposed grid suspended ceilings which show versatility with a huge range of tiles. This product can be broken up into Acoustic tile ceilings, Vinyl tile ceilings and to freshen up an old tile ceiling on a budget we provide ceiling tile replacements. Secondly, we have the smooth uninterrupted surface of flush set ceilings. Thirdly, we can also supply and install concealed grid tile ceilings for those wanting to break away with a different look.

Clearly, there are many options available within the suspended ceiling range. The right ceiling for you is determined largely by the purpose of the ceiling and the look you prefer. As with any building materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. These include aesthetics, price, serviceability, acoustic performance and seismic performance just to name a few.

What makes our service stand out?

Cornwall Building & Maintenance offers superior service, utilising many years of specialist experience. I personally speak with every client prior to quoting to ensure the client is offered information regarding all the relevant options. It is a common occurrence for a client to call requesting a specific product, but after consultation, they realise a completely different type of ceiling would better suit their needs. We aim to give clients what they want and what they need.

One of our ceilings could be just what your project needs! There is a ceiling to suit every space.

Let us take a closer look at some of the many options we provide.

Exposed Grid Suspended Ceilings

These are by far the most popular Suspended Ceiling system installed by Cornwall Building & Maintenance. Exposed grid ceilings are a dropped ceiling. They hang below the roof or structure above such as trusses, purlins, or concrete slabs. ‘Exposed’ grid means the support framework that holds the Suspended Ceiling tiles is visible. Both the ceiling grid and the ceiling panels have a pre-finished surface. Consequently, painting is not required. This, in turn, saves both time and money.

Suspended Ceilings

Once the panels are installed it creates a plenum space which can assist in keeping a space cool or warm. Additionally, this makes a tile ceiling an ideal partner for new air-conditioning installs. The new ceiling cuts down the ceiling space leaving less space to air-condition saving you money. Furthermore, the ceiling grid is the right size to hold led drop-in lights and air-conditioning registers. We also supply and fit LED border lights giving an ambient glow instead of a total lighting solution, they can of course be used in conjunction with traditional 600×600 LED panel lights.

These type of Suspended Ceilings are a great option for many spaces both commercial and industrial. They provide extremely easy access with a wide range of tile options to suit every need. Furthermore, these give a clean and tidy appearance with acoustic ratings to suit your needs. See our tile page to see common tile choices.

Acoustic Tile Ceilings

An acoustic tile ceiling is ideal for a large variety of spaces. This ranges from classrooms and learning spaces to commercial offices and so many more. They are the same as any exposed grid tile ceiling, just fitted with an acoustic tile. The range of acoustic tiles available now is staggering. Due to their popularity, fine-fissures tiles are very affordable and are the most common tile we install. We also supply and install a wide range of premium finish acoustic tiles that are both cleanable and look great. There is a tile to suit nearly every acoustic requirement. Furthermore, we can install a wide variety of decorative acoustic tiles for when you need an area to really stand out.

Suspended Ceilings

Vinyl Tile Ceilings

A great suspended ceiling option used on the interior of buildings and better in spaces exposed to moisture. They are a plasterboard tile with a vinyl face. This provides a nice smooth finish which is quite easy to clean. These tiles are quite durable when compared to mineral fiber tile options. In turn, this makes them well suited in commercial areas where a cleanable surface is required. Maintenance, modifications and repairs are easy as you can simply remove the tiles where you need access. If damage does occur simply replace the damaged tiles. It should be considered however that these ceilings do not offer the acoustic performance of a mineral fiber tile ceiling. However, these ceilings are highly affordable and definitely should be considered for industrial spaces.

Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling Tile Replacements

A large part of our business is ceiling replacements. Budget is nearly always a factor in ceiling installation. Sometimes money can be saved by just replacing the ceiling tiles and not the grid as well. This is a great way to freshen up an old tile ceiling, especially where the tiles are discolored or sagging. Likewise, another advantage of this method is that it leaves most of your current services in place saving clients both time and money in comparison to a full tile and grid replacement.

Most ceiling tile replacements are messy work, and we have a multitude of measures to assist in delivering a result that’s both clean and looking great.

Flush Set Suspended Ceilings

A suspended flush set ceiling is a ceiling that suspends from the roof or above the slab. The ceiling suspends by ceiling rod attached to light gauge steel framing. Plasterboard sheets then screw to this framing. Finally, all recessed edges between the sheets of plasterboard are then ready to flush set and sanded. As a result, this leaves a smooth, clean finish ready for painting.

A flush set ceiling allows for the hiding of services such as air conditioning, lighting, and cabling. Whilst being a more expensive option over a tile ceiling, the key advantage here is flexibility. Concealed grid plasterboard ceilings do not limit themselves to 1200 x 600 modules like a tile ceiling. They have the option of being installed at multiple heights. Furthermore, they can be painted any colour with ease. Lastly, these are often the council standard for food preparation areas for safe food prep. This is because the continuous finish of the ceiling prevents dust or vermin penetrating through the joins.

Suspended Ceilings

What about where the ceiling meets the wall?

To allow a smooth transition from wall to ceiling, a variety of finishes are available. Square set angle finishes are wall and ceiling junctions that are set together. In turn, this allows sharper lines and continuous finish.

Another option is to use a wall angle. This is where an aluminium or steel angle is used. These screw to the wall, then ceiling sheets sit on top of the wall angle. The metal angle remains visible at the top of the wall. This option also aids in allowing for movement at the wall-ceiling junction.

Cornice is another popular choice and is available in many sizes and patterns, in various price ranges. If there is a vermin proofing requirement, this option can be a cost-effective choice.

One disadvantage of the flush set ceiling is limited access into the ceiling space. This problem is easily solved by installing access panels. Fortunately, we have a variety of access panel solutions available. Flush set ceilings are an ideal partner for Bulkheads and coffers. These are explained in detail below.

Bulkheads and coffers

Cornwall Building & Maintenance are experts in the construction of ceiling bulkheads and coffers. A bulkhead is a step-down or a step-up in the ceiling to change the height of the ceiling. These conceal air-conditioning units or drainage pipes situated in ceiling spaces as their most common use. At the same time, they maintain height through the majority of the space. This is very common in multi-story buildings.

We make our bulkheads and coffers with Ply or plasterboard

A coffer is usually a stepped-up section in a ceiling. Common configurations are square, rectangular, triangular and circular. They sometimes step into multiple levels for effect. Coffered ceilings have the potential to create interest and give a ceiling design a personal touch. They can also have acoustic benefits. Recess coffers are great for hiding lighting and create an amazing effect.

The beauty is the only limitations are your imagination and budget. We can also create prefab routed bulkheads and install them. These have perfect 90-degree angles as they do not require the build-up from flush setting. Generally, curved bulkheads look great in feature areas and can turn a necessary step down to hide services into something special.

Bulkheads and coffers also add to design by demarcating different areas within one large open space. A great example would be over a dining room, lounge room or kitchen.

Suspended Ceilings

Flush set Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Flush set acoustic ceilings both look awesome and absorb sound extremely well. These ceilings are the same as a concealed grid flush set ceiling but use perforated sheets of plasterboard. Perforated plaster ceilings are common in places such as schools and learning spaces to improve the acoustic performance of the ceiling. Sections of flush set acoustic ceiling sometimes integrate into a standard flush set ceiling. Flush set ceilings provide a superior aesthetic result in addition to the acoustic benefits. For the same reason, these ceilings often showcase in theater rooms in domestic housing. Consequently, the flush set ceiling limits access to these spaces. This should be a consideration when choosing this ceiling type. Cornwall Building & Maintenance offers a range of acoustic access panels that may be suitable to solve this problem.